Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Faculty Meeting Agenda

Faculty Development opportunities-CPR
Important dates
Print show
Department Calendar
Student Withdrawals and Office for free
Non-lab student’s print show labels
Computer Lab Support Form
Video from Chalisa Pennick- Salvage Images from Wimberley video
Digital Syllabus
Syllabus Correction Form
2015 Marketing review
2016 Marketing and project list

Weapons on Campus
New Equipment

Precision Show
2015 “In Conversation” review and recap
ACCme Studio

Other Items
Start 9:00am

Faculty Department Resource Guide LinkPlease Bookmark in your browser
CPR/First Aid Training through Professional Development Video
Faculty Development link has changed. Check out workshops from their homepage. Faculty Development Link
Important Dates:
Equipment Checkout: starts Thursday, Sept. 10th.
Student Information Form Link will be open: Monday August 24th thru Sun. Sept. 6th
Spring "Precision Student Discount Week": Monday, August 31st thru Saturday, Sept 5th
Labor Day- School Closed. Monday, September 7th

Print Show Fall 2015
Prints due - Monday, Dec. 7th
Print judging - Tuesday, Dec. 8th
Show set up - Wednesday, Dec.9th
Print Show - Thursday, Dec. 10th
Semester Ends - Sunday, Dec. 13th

Hourly 2015: 
Hourly phone number 223-4463 or in room 3125 for general assistance.
Cristine East:
Robert Gomez:

Lighthouse: Remember to load your syllabus in your lighthouse. Link located on resource page.

Department Google Calendar – Check Photo Dept calendar for reminders and important dates. Estaffing, end of semester dates....

Withdrawing Students:
  If students are withdrawn from your classes please send a note to corresponding lab/camera class faculty as well as Lori & Cristine East so they can make sure any equipment checked out to that student is returned.

TSI (Texas State Initiative) Compliance

Texas law has established the Texas Success Initiative which requires that students take an approved test before enrolling in college. Because of this faculty MUST do the following to verify TSI Compliance by their students:

1.    Log in to online services.
2.    View the Prerequisite Class Roster
3.    In the column marked “TSI Status”, look for students whose status is 
       “Not Complete” or have no status indicated (status is blank).
4.    Communicate with these students. Non-compliant students must
        immediately make an appointment with Advising regarding their TSI 

Free Office and - You can load office on 5 different computers. Link
Non-Lab Students - End of semester students that are not taking a lab class and submitting their images.
Computer Lab Support Form: Link

Salvage Images from Wimberley: Chalisa Pennick- video link

Digital Syllabi: Beginning Summer 2015, syllabi will be distributed digitally on Google Drive. Faculty will distribute to students via Blackboard or Drive.
All syllabus changes must be submitted on new Syllabus Changes Link
Note: Absence and tardy – Faculty will need to fill in all blank fields on their master syllabus including attendance policy fields, grading percentages and instructor and contact information. SAVE THE FILE before distributing to students.

Syllabi Digital Format – The link will be emailed to faculty.
As you may remember from the Spring Faculty Meeting, we discussed moving towards digitally distributed Syllabi. Going forward all Syllabi will be shared with you using the Google Drive App. There will be no printed copies.
Each of you will receive an email with the link to your shared folder. Inside of this folder will be a folder for each class you are teaching. This folder will contain the Master Syllabi you usually receive from us in paper form. The file will be a pdf with editable fields. Before you distribute this to your students, fill out the necessary sections (i.e contact info and grade percentages). If you have been receiving assignments documents from us in the past, those files will be in the folder as well. 
To distribute these files to your students, you have several options:
1. You can download the files to your computer and upload them to Blackboard
2. You can make a copy of your class folder and share the copy with your students using Google Drive. 
3. You can download the files and email them as attachments directly to your students. Be sure to use the bcc field when emailing multiple students. 
To get to your Google drive:
For more information on Google drive, here is a helpful document:
Department Marketing Recap:
What we did in 2015

·      New Website Content and Blog Posts- Posted the TPPA winner information on our FB and Alumni/ District page and according to Analytics we received 300 clicks through to our website on the day we posted. We also gained 3 Fundamentals students within 24 hrs of the post and additional 3 within last week bringing it up to 8. by the time semester started all Fundamentals classes were full.

We're up to approximately 1000 likes to our FB page. Which is considered one of the highest for department pages. Our websites generally receiving around 30 visits a day.

·      Campus Digital signage to 5 campuses and 30 displays.

·      Posters/Postcards: Created and distributed promotional posters and postcards to High school    
    advisors and career counselors.

·      Precision Gallery Show: Yam

·      Summer 2015 ATPI Teacher’s Conference
    Many of you don’t know that we hosted the Summer ATPI teacher’s conference.

41 HS photography faculty from
29 cities from
6 states. Including Massachusetts, Kansas, California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas.

They spent 2 days in workshops and curriculum building which allowed us time to show them around the department and walk them through our website and degree plans. Several said they would like to come take short classes themselves next summer if we offered them. Maybe non-credit but 1 week of intense content. LR, Studio Lighting, PS. Other studio techniques.
These teachers also asked about having an open house to bring their students to visit from out of town.  We've offered to host the ATPI teacher’s conference next summer as well.

What’s next for 2016?

Website –
·      Faculty + Alumni + Student success and accolades

·      Facebook Posts that are about classes and spin a positive story about the department that will be posted on ACC District page not just our page.

Need faculty to start “Sharing” and promoting posts- we will schedule rollouts of topics and stories. (ACCme studio, ATPI, guest lecture opportunities for other classes to attend, Portfolio class successes, the college wants feel good student stories. We will also add departmental Facebook posts to promote classes.

·      Alumni Gatherings (ACC Photo meet-up group) students asked for an alumni group that meets for things like business ideas with current and past students that are working in photography, equipment swap meet, networking, marketing ideas.


·      SXSWedu (ie) Viscom has had a booth for the past couple years. They have there past student’s man the booth and show their work and portfolios and talk about the department.

TPPA- Photogenesis Booth
Sept. 30 – Oct.2nd 2016 San Marcos

·      Internal Fieldtrips – Distribute Schedule
For example If an Intermediate classes don’t make it can effects the advanced classes making in the future. We’re working hard to get them in the program but it’s all of our jobs to keep them engaged and wanting to move forward. Talking up the next level classes. Checking the department calendar for student registration dates and remind and advise students on next level choices. If students have questions about degree plans, prerequisites or corequisites. HAVE THEM SCHEDULE A MEETING WITH BILL.

·      ATPI Winter Conference 2016 February 27th,  2015

·      ATPI 2016 Summer Teachers Workshops

·      Faculty Discounts-Link
·      Article Inside Higher ED “ Big Completion Goals in Texas” 
·      Weapons on Campus- Bill Talk about guns on school property
·      New Equipment/lenses
·      Precision Exhibition
·      Hahnemühle Gallery (3118)
·      In Conversation Kate Breakey and Michael O’Brien 2015
·      ACCme Studio Grant
Frank Curry
·      ACCME Studios
·      Fillable Model Release - Link
Robert Payne
·      Software

Last but not least…………Happy Retirement to Barbara Hampton

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spring 2015

Faculty Meeting Notes: 

Spring 2015 Faculty Meeting Agenda

Important Dates:
Equipment Check-Out Day starts Monday February 2nd
Student Information Form Link will close on February 2nd – Only available in class
Spring "Precision Student Discount Week": 1/26/15 thru 1/30/15 M-F
MLK Day - School Closed. Monday, January 19th
Spring Break: Monday, March 16th – Sunday, March 22nd

Print Show Spring 2015
Prints due - Monday, May 11th
Print judging - Tuesday, May 12th
Show set up - Wednesday, May 13th
Print Show - Thursday, May 14th
Semester Ends - Sunday, May 16th

Hourly for 2015: 
Hourly phone number 223-4463 or in room 3125 for general assistance.
Cristine East:
Robert Gomez:

Lighthouse: Remember to load your lighthouse information. Link located on resource page.

Withdrawing Students:
  If students are withdrawn from your classes please send a note to corresponding lab/camera class faculty as well as Lori & Cristine East so they can make sure any equipment checked out to that student is returned.

New this Semester:
Login with Active Directory, instructions will be handed out at meeting. If you need a copy, email Cristine East.

Computer Lab Support Form:

Survey Questions added to Student Information Form
Department Announcements/Communications will be emailed directly to students, using their ACCmail accounts as collected from the Student Information Form.

Instructions on how to use new projectors/screens at 11:30am today: Do NOT attempt to clean or write on the new screens.

Coming Soon:
Department Google Calendar: “Team Meetings” and other Department events will be posted to the department calendar.

Digital Syllabi: Beginning Summer 2015, syllabi will be distributed digitally on Google Drive. Faculty will distribute to students via Blackboard.

Introduction to New Group
Explanation of areas
Review of previous special programming, The Winter Reviews
Hahnemühle Gallery (3118)
4 In Conversation guests. 5th, Kate Breakey, Feb 2015

Frank Curry
Precision Exhibition
ACCME Studios

Christine Harris
New Website

Ms. Kathryn
Community Outreach including FB alumni group
Faculty + Alumni + Student success and accolades
New Website

New Department Website  - Still in DRAFT but we plan on launching the new and improved site ASAP. We will Beta test with faculty before we 100% launch. Please do not send this to your students until we are ready to launch.
Draft website address:
Please look at your new bio page and make sure the wording is, as you want it. We added the bio information from the faculty bio request form discussed at the last faculty meeting. If you didn’t fill out the form or want to make changes please fill out the attached “Faculty Bio Info”. Faculty Bio Form.  LINK

Other Info:

Spring Syllabi will be distributed to your classrooms by the start of classes, Tuesday, January 20th.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall 2014

Flood at SPS and clean up over the summer. New floors, sheet rock, background paper,
wedding dresses drycleaned.
New Department Website  - Still in DRAFT but we plan on launching the new and improved site mid September. The home page will have scrolling sample images and announcements. -   

Homepage: New Instagram account, department blog.
Program Info: List of degree plans and course descriptions, course schedules
About Us:  History, Faculty page: Each faculty will receive a page with similar content to the one you currently have but with a new fresh look and updated bios and images.  Please fill out the form link provided so I can collect new or updated material. Please complete by September 1st.

An area to feature student work by course that can easily be changed and updated as needed. Videos-we will add content and script the videos, i.e.-walk through studios and labs, faculty in lecture with class demo, student’s on fieldtrip, time laps of concept, set-up, studio shoot, lab edits and final image.

Alumni: We plan on featuring 3-4 alumni to start then create a page similar to the gallery page as the alumni page grows.
Contact us: Map, address, email and F.A.Q area.

Faculty Bio Form.  LINK
ATPI Conference 2015 –will be in Arlington this year but plans to come back to Austin 2016

Fall "Precision Student Discount Days"-
Two days at ACC room 3112.
Tuesday September 2nd from 12pm-7pm
Wednesday September 3rd from 9am-1pm
They will bring reps from camera companies and plan on selling inks, papers and other supplies. They will set up shop on our campus as a convenience to our students.
Teachers Night at Precision - A reminder that Precision Camera & Video will be hosting our first Teacher’s Night on Thursday, August 28th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at our new store at 2438 West Anderson Lane. Representatives from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, MacGroup, and other major suppliers will be here to answer your questions and to present their latest products. These companies have also graciously provided many products we will be giving away during the evening. This is a chance to win some products for your program or yourself and to see the newest equipment from these vendors.
Please RSVP at as we will be providing food and refreshments and need to book these ahead of time.

Adoroma Student and Educator discount program
Semester Date:
School Closed- Monday, September 1st.

Print Show Fall 2014
Prints due  - Monday, Dec. 8th
Print judging - Tuesday, Dec.9th
Show set up - Wednesday, Dec. 10th  all day
Print Show - Thursday, Dec. 11th,  noon
Semester Ends - Sunday, Dec.14th
Parking Pass available online only –
Hourly for 2014:  Hourly phone number 223-4463 or in room 3125 for general assistance.
Cristine East:
Robert Gomez:

Lighthouse: Remember to load your lighthouse information. Link located on resource page.

Withdrawing Students:
  If students are withdrawn from your classes please send a note to corresponding lab/camera class faculty as well as Lori so she can make sure any equipment checked out to that student is returned.

Sean - THE PICTURE REVIEW- Edition Three-2014 – Sean will introduce
Bill – New requirements for health care for faculty. Affordable Care Act ACC human resources link to information
- Smith Victors out for fund and new LED lights
- File cabinets in 3012 to determine if you don’t need.
Lori- Introduce new Student Information Form